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Utah  Security Deposits

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A security deposit may be used by the landlord to recover payment for:

  1. Damage to the premises beyond normal wear and tear.

  2. Accrued rent.

  3. Cleaning of the unit.

  4. Other costs provided for in the contract.

If a deposit is specifically designated for "cleaning" or "keys", it should then be used only for that purpose.

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There is never a completely safe way to break a lease. If you feel you have a good reason to break your lease, like the conditions in your apartment are bad, you still take a risk when you move out before your lease has expired. If your landlord sues you for rent or damages after you leave, it will be up to a judge to determine whether you had a good enough reason to break your lease. To protect yourself if you do break the lease, you should give the landlord as much notice as possible that you are moving. Your landlord has a duty to try to re-rent the apartment. After you move, watch the paper for ads, and keep an eye on the property you vacated. Once someone moves in, you are no longer responsible for the rent because your landlord cannot collect rent twice for the same apartment. The landlord can collect the difference between the old rent and the new rent, under certain conditions.

Once a landlord rents a property, he gives up the right to enter the property at any time. A landlord should give a tenant at least 24 hours written notice in order to enter the property for any non-emergency reason. If possible, a landlord should talk to the tenant and work out a time that is acceptable to both and put that time in writing. 

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