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State Bar of Texas publishes a brochure of Texas law and tenant's rights. Contact the State Bar of Texas at 1-800-204-2222, ext. 2610.  Larger cities may have tenant's councils which can answer questions and help resolve disputes. More information go to the summaries on this page.

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Before returning a security deposit, a Texas landlord may deduct from the deposit damages and charges for which the tenant is legally liable under the lease or as a result of breaching the lease. 

The landlord may not retain any portion of a security deposit to cover normal wear and tear. See our Normal Wear and Tear Guide.

If the landlord retains all or part of a security deposit, the landlord shall give to the tenant in Texas the balance of the security deposit, if any, together with a written description and itemized list of all deductions. 

The landlord is not required to give the tenant a description and itemized list of deductions if: 

(1) the tenant owes rent when he surrenders possession of the premises; 

(2) there is no controversy concerning the amount of rent owed.

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