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· Chapter 34-18  Residential Landlord Tenant Act - Actual Text of the Act.

· University of Rhode Island Off Campus Housing Guide

The Rhode Island Landlord Tenant Handbook : general reference on landlord-tenant relationships based on Rhode Island General Law (RIGL) Chapter 34-18, entitled the "Residential Landlord and Tenant Act," effective since January 1, 1987. The agency responsible for writing and publishing the Rhode Island Landlord-Tenant Handbook is the State Division of Planning (DOP). They  reserve the sole right to revise, update, rewrite, or make any future changes to the Guide.

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Rhode Island Security Deposits

SECURITY DEPOSIT: A landlord can take a security deposit from a tenant at the beginning of a new rental term but it cannot exceed one month's rent. Taking a greater sum subjects the landlord to a possible suit under section 56f of the "Act". The deposit must be returned within twenty days after the tenant gives proper notice, moves out, returns the key, and provides a forwarding address. When returning the deposit, the landlord must send the tenant an itemized notice listing any legal deductions withheld from the money being returned. Such deductions can only be for unpaid rent (not future rent that might be legally owed), and physical damages other than ordinary wear and tear.

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Rhode Island Rental Increases: A landlord must provide a tenant with a written notice 30 days or more prior to the effective date, for a rental increase for a residential tenancy that is on a weekly or monthly basis.  With longer tenancies it is 30 days prior to expiration of the current rental agreement.

The 30-day notice is to be considered a legal minimum for rent increases but can be longer if specified in a rental agreement or desired by the landlord.

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