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One of the major problems pet owners experience is finding a home (apartment, condo, house) to rent with their pet. Many landlords, property managers and homeowners are afraid, for one reason or another, to rent to people with pets. 
As a landlord I've always said "no pets". I would clarify that to say "no dogs, no horses, ferrets or temporary pets...".
I was not a pet owner until a few years when an Australian Shepard came into my life. When no one is looking, him and I are best friends. When people are around, we pretend we don't know each other. SO now he goes with me to collect rent.... read more on PETS IN RENTED UNITS


- Despite your best efforts, pets may smell. 
*A Pet owner may say people smell 

- Your pet may not be house broken - and may use the wood floor or carpet instead. If they do use the house or yard - it may still smell. Carpet and wood floors get damaged.  
You might say some kids are worse.

- Your pet may be loud - typically a dog or two. Even little ones. 
*You might say kids are louder.

- While your pet may not be a real danger (we have a neighbor cat I call crazy cat....), people tend to be afraid of dogs. And dogs tend to guard their home. A landlord may be held liable for the actions of YOUR dog. If your dog bites someone, the lawyer will sue the dog owner and landlord (and if he has on staff management, them as well).
*You may say those kids next door are more of a nuisance and scary.

- When you vacate the rented unit, the landlord may have extra work to do - even with your "pet deposit" - that is, if you told them you are having a pet.
*Your neighbor may be running a babysitting service from their home.

 - New York Pet Law - Summary 


- Emotional Support "Pets" - Exceptions may be made to NO PET clause for people with emotional or other physical disability. Read More.

NORMAL WEAR and TEAR: Learn what normal wear and tear is. In general, damage caused by a pet WILL NOT BE considered NORMAL WEAR and TEAR


The Humane Society of the United States, The ASPCA and many, many independent agencies offer services to care for pets that can not be kept for one reason or another. One of the biggest reasons - someone is moving or the new rental does not permit pets. So where does the pet go? Pets may also be expensive to keep - food, medical care etc all add up. With the rising cost of living in most of the US - rising gas prices, property taxes etc, the expenses of a pet can overwhelm someone. 

Pets deserve a lifetime of responsible ownership and care, and property owners and managers deserve rental properties free of problems caused by irresponsible pet-owning tenants. One thing many property owners are finding out - PET OWNERS ARE MORE RESPONSIBLE and ARE WILLING TO PAY MORE.  Find  Pet Friendly Apartments

 PET owners say:

It's a small dog (small pit bull...). He's trained. He doesn't bark. It's a house pet. He's friendly. I keep it in a cage (nice lion). I only have it for a few days. What pet? 

All in all, PETS are probably better then many tenants. 
Cleaner, quieter and more polite.

Find  Pet Friendly Apartments


In MOST states by law, the landlord may request a PET SECURITY DEPOSIT in addition to the standard security deposit.  This may be limited by law from $50 or One month additional rent to no maximum. READ MORE ON PET DEPOSITS AND PET RENT.
READ the lease BEFORE you sign
Follow our guidelines for Moving  in / Moving out with special notes if you have a pet. Also see our Normal Wear and Tear Guide.


Today, many more units have become pet friendly. Why?

- In soft rental markets, "pet-friendly" may fill vacancies and charge more.

- There are more people (single, families etc) with pets who do not own their own home.

- There is a demand in the market for pet-friendly accommodations.

See - our guide to Pet Friendly Rental Housing. Check your local newspapers, ASPCA , VET, or Animal Shelter for further assistance. Maybe your landlord will ok a "no pet" rule if they get to meet your pet. It worked for me as a landlord.


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