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RENTERS INSURANCE  Landlords Require. Get it here .

In New Jersey, most landlord tenant cases are heard in the county where the rental is located. So if you are getting evicted, for example in Manalapan, your case, or forms, will be in the Monmouth County Landlord Tenant court, located in Freehold.

The New Jersey Landlords Identity Statement form (PDF) -  Required. Not required for OWNER occupied 2 family.  Failure to complete form may result in  forfeiture of your New Jersey Eviction rights.  READ and DOWNLOAD NOW

- NJ Tenant Statutory Right to Repair Legislation PDF Guide to Rent Withholding

- Tenant Screening - Know the law and see our tenant screening services

- NJ Dept Community Affairs  Fair Housing Guide

- New Jersey "Truth in Renting Booklet" from the Department of Community Affairs. Landlords in a 2 or more unit home (3 if you occupy one unit), MUST be given to tenants.  PRINT IT HERE, FREE. The Landlord Tenant "HOTLINE" is 1-609-292-4174 - recorded messages or you have to write in. 

The Following pertain to off-campus housing in New Jersey and the various laws to control over-crowding and rowdy behavior.

- The NJ "Animal House" law N.J.S.A. 40:48 - 2.12. Controls rowdy "resort" rentals and college town rentals. See ex Ocean Township, NJ  ordinance.

-Monmouth University Off Campus

- NJIT Off Campus Housing Guide  

- Rutgers New Brunswick Off Campus  Housing Guide

 MOLD- is it in your home or apartment? Learn what to do now.

Normal Wear and Tear  and your security deposit.

Renters Insurance - Renters Insurance Guide - Apartments, Condos

 Find Landlord Tenant Lawyers with the Directory

 Landlord Responsibilities - What the landlord does for the tenant.

 Tenant Screening - Our  Tenant Screening Tool. Free Setup. .

 Tenant Rights and Responsibilities 

 Pets - and your landlord. How to Rent With Pets. Pet Deposits.

New Jersey Security Deposit: There is a 5 day grace period for rent payments before a late charge may be assessed.  Read more in New Jersey Security Deposit or El deposito de garantia - por legal services of New Jersey . Read your lease for detailed information and penalties for late payments.

Learn more on New Jersey Landlord Tenant Rights

A municipality may require by ordinance that a landlord cannot rent a unit unless the landlord first obtains a Certificate of Occupancy (also known as a "C.O.") from the municipality. Check with the local Health or Building Department.  A C.O is a procedure to ensure that rental units meet code standards before they are rented. Failure by a landlord to obtain a C.O may be used to show that the conditions in the apartment are poor and violates the landlord's duty to provide habitable housing. (In theory). So landlords - protect yourself!. Follow your local municipalities building and fire codes as required for rentals.

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