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New Hampshire Health Safety Standards    

RSA 48-A:14 sets minimum health and safety standards for rental property in towns that do not have ordinances that establish housing standards. An apartment does not meet these minimum standards if:

  • it is infested by pests and the landlord does not conduct regular inspections and pest exterminations;

  • there is defective plumbing or faulty septic/sewage system;

  • there is unsafe wiring;

  • the walls or roof leaks;

  • the plaster is falling from walls and ceilings;

  • the floors, walls or ceilings have unsafe holes;

  • the porches, stairs or railings are not sound;

  • there is trash and garbage in the common areas when the landlord has the responsibility for trash removal;

  • there is not enough water or the hot water system does not work;

  • the gas lines leak or pilot lights are faulty; or

  • the heating system is not working properly.

A landlord who fails or refuses to maintain an adequately safe and sanitary dwelling may be forced by the courts to reimburse tenants. You should report any defects in your dwelling which violate any of the housing or building codes which your landlord refuses to repair to your local code enforcement officer and/or to the New Hampshire Division of Public Health in Concord.

New Hampshire Security Deposits

New Hampshire law (RSA 540-A) defines a security deposit as any money that a tenant gives to his or her landlord other than the monthly rental payment. The name given to the payment -- cleaning deposit, last month’s rent in advance, etc. -- does not matter. The amount is a “security deposit” if it is anything other than the monthly rent.

Read more about New Hampshire Security Deposits.

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