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Maine Security deposit is limited to a maximum of two month's rent.

Unless agreed to, a Maine Landlord does not have to pay interest on the deposit unless agreed to. Different rules may apply for subsidized housing.

Your landlord cannot keep your security deposit for "normal wear and tear." Examples of "normal wear and tear" could be:

  • a worn carpet

  • chipped paint

  • worn finish on wood floor

  • faded or dingy paint

This means that your landlord cannot charge you for routine upkeep, such as periodic cleaning and painting.

The Maine landlord can deduct the cost of fixing damages which are beyond "normal wear and tear." Examples of these damages could be:

  • broken windows

  • holes in the wall

  • leaving trash or other items that have to be thrown away

  • leaving your apartment so dirty that it's unhealthy or unsafe

If your apartment is damaged by a storm, a fire, or a vandal, tell your landlord right away. He cannot charge you for the repairs if you or your guests did not cause the damage. It is also a good idea to make a police report.

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