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Illinois, on the state level, has very good landlord tenant laws, protecting both the landlord and tenant. On the local level, cities, such as Chicago, may have more regulations, such as rent control. Note, that if you are in FEDERALLY SUBSIDIZED Housing or other Subsidized program, the landlord and tenant may both be protected and reviewed by the various programs.

The Illinois Depart of Human Rights
Housing Complaint Line: 1-800-662-3942

- Keep Unit Clean
- Pay Rent on Time
- Sign a Lease
- Respect Neighbors
- Smoke Detectors
- Renters Insurance
- Maintain Unit
- Make Repairs
- Local Code / Laws
- Security Deposits
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Normal Wear and Tear  and your security deposit.

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The SECURITY DEPOSIT is protect the landlord for any damage to the unit or for non-payment of rent or other costs owed by the tenant to the landlord. The security deposit may not be used by the tenant to pay the last month's rent as is often is done without the landlord's permission. Y As a landlord, I do not suggest you do this. You are leave yourself open to a potential loss.

The SECURITY DEPOSIT  must be returned to the tenant upon vacating the premises, if no damage has been done beyond normal wear and tear and the rent is fully paid. 

There are laws regarding Interest Rates, Deducting for Damages and Time to Return the Deposit. Continue here Illinois Security Deposits

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