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Landlords and Tenant in Arkansas should note that many local communities try to control the quality of local housing. You should check with your local building or health departments to understand what is required to rent a unit in your area.

Arkansas also may hold the landlord partially responsible for the actions of the tenants. Right or wrong, as a landlord, in addition to maintaining the safety of the unit, you also have the responsibility to avoid nuisances - criminal behavior or other actions caused by your tenant. there's a fine line here - as you would still have to file an eviction proceeding if the tenant causes a problem.

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Arkansas Security Deposits

The Arkansas security deposit law gives tenants added protection when leasing a residential dwelling. This law applies only to landlords who rent six or more dwellings and contains the following provisions:

If you are required to pay a security deposit, you cannot be charged in excess of two months rent. For example, if your rent is $200 a month, a landlord cannot require a security deposit of more than $400.

When you move, the landlord must return your security deposit within 30 days. The landlord may, however, deduct from the security deposit any damages made to the dwelling or any past due rent. 

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